How to live a “Gold Tranformation”: the interview with Chiara Ferragni

From the first role as Global Ambassador in 2016, until last year’s #StopHairShaming campaign, the collaboration between Chiara Ferragni and the brand Pantene has now become a fixed point and, meeting her live, we understand why. No one better than her can inspire and excite and no one, more than Chiara, can transmit the love and care for hair that are a fundamental means of expressing one’s identity.

Not only that, the hair have the power to change the way we feel and accompany our natural transformation over the years.

With Chiara Ferragni and Pantene wanted to tell just this aspect, interviewing the woman of today and the Chiara of ten years ago. A way to investigate personal change with more than a common denominator: passion, dreams, l’ love for herself and some very useful beauty tips.

Chiara describes herself as a happy person “the most beautiful project? In my personal life my son Leone, in my work the documentary just released » the title is “ Chiara Ferragni Unposted”, ed. . To the girl of 10 years ago who loved straight hair and hoped to realize a great dream, Chiara advises: “follow her instincts and trust herself”, while the 22-year-old woman recommends to the older woman not to forget the energy of the apos, the younger age and …

the black pencil for the eyes!

If at the age of 22 she associated the word “gold” with her long hair (but sometimes she had a few “no” moments), today Chiara is really happy with her hair. The secret of beauty? Ampoules SOS Shots that always make “WOW “his days.

What is special about this product? The Ampoules SOS Shots are the most intensive instant mask in the whole line Pantene Gold Balm . They are born to give a burst of energy and brightness to the hair and to ensure a final effect that makes you immediately scream. « Oh my Gold! » in front of the mirror. After the treatment, in fact, the difference is remarkable: goodbye dull, dull and damaged hair.

Ampoules SOS Shots have the power to transform the hair and merit is the key ingredients: a blend of essential lipids with Pro-v formula and antioxidants, able to revitalize the damaged cuticle and provide long lasting protection. Easy to carry in your bag or when you are on the go, they are the best ally for keeping your hair soft and hydrated. Take another look at the video: don’t you notice the shine of Chiara’s hair?

Try to turn a “bad hair day” into a “gold hair moment” with the Ampoules. SOS Pantene shots!

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Video maker: Tommaso MarinielloFonico: Federico Altamura Credit ph: Marco Mezzani
Production and settings: Daniela Losini

Sitting Editor: Sara Moschini, Michela Marra
Location: Exhibition Space