Brad Pitt talks about his problem with alcohol: “I was running away from my mistakes”

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been divorced for about three years now, but only now the actor of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood opened up by telling how did she cope with the end of her marriage and the separation from her children and explaining his emotions from then until today. 

Fans know that Brad has already struggled with l’alcohol abuse in the past and even though he’s sober now, he admitted to using drinking as a “getaway” from everything that was going on in his life.

In other words, with l’alcohol abuse tried to  « escape » by all  « his mistakes »

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The change of Brad Pitt 

During the chat with Anthony Hopkins for the magazine statuesque Interview The actor has sincerely opened up and he talked about his problem with alcoholism.

Since the end of his marriage to Angelina, Brad Pitt confirmed he’s back sober. learning to embrace his weaknesses and embarrassments. 

He explained: 

“I began to realize drinking was just a damage I did to myself. it was like an escape route.

I’m realizing, as a true act of forgiveness to myself for all the choices I’ve made that I’m not proud of, that I appreciate those missteps. for they gave me a little bit of wisdom, which then led to something else. You can’t have one without knowledge.”

“At this moment in my life I see my past and my mistakes as something that only now I’m learning to embrace . But I certainly don’t feel I can take credit for any of these steps.

He concluded by saying: 

“We always attach great importance to mistakes, but… it’s what we do after we’ve done wrong that really defines us . Because we all make mistakes, but what’s the next step? This is undoubtedly the most interesting part”.