Jennifer Aniston’s family told her she had no future as an actress

Jennifer Aniston  today is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s best-known and beloved actresses.

Thanks to her role as  Rachel Green in  Friends  and many other starring roles, Jennifer has entered everyone’s hearts. 

But the actress, 50 years old, recently revealed that when she first told her family that she wanted to pursue a career in acting no one believed in her. 

To be precise, they told her she’d never make a dime. .

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Jennifer Aniston is on the cover of the issue People of the Year magazine People , and in the interview he said that her family didn’t offer her any support when she told them she wanted to be an actress.

“And then came Friends – told the Aniston – But the opponents in my family kept saying ‘This will never get you anywhere, you’ll never make a career. You’ll never have money like this ‘. But they were wrong, look at me now,” said the actress between laughter and laughter. 

Jennifer Aniston, during the interview, also talked about the endless rumors about a potential reunion of Friends .

In the interview he said that the six actors in the cast feel proud for all the fans’ interest: “The idea of a new Friends is a source of joy for many.

To more insistent questions about a possible return of the series Jennifer said, “We’re trying.”