WePlanet: the Globe for a sustainable future “guest of honour” of the Galileo Bank

Just a couple of kilometers, no more: it’s the road that has traveled the Galileo Bank Globe after leaving l’artists’ atelier to reach the headquarter of the’Credit institute of Corso Venezia.

Here, in the d’entrance courtyard, he “welcomed” clients and investors who were able to appreciate the work of the artist Antonio Mele, chosen to interpret the world that will come into the d’within the Weplanet project on environmental sustainability. 

The globe, made of recycled plastic, looks like a large blue sphere on which stand out white continents. This is how Antonio Mele, professor of Pictorial and Scenographic Disciplines at the Brera State High School of Art, wanted to represent the catastrophic scenario of climate change and the dreaded melting of glaciers:

“I have redrawn the geography of planet earth – he explained – I treated the emerged parts as if they were the lunar surface, while at the inside of the globe I placed a telescope at the end of which is visible one of the drawings that Galileo Galilei made when he began the observation of the Moon”.

Banca Galileo, which has always been attentive to environmental issues, has considered it important to participate in the sustainability project which will see 100 globes interpreted by designers, artists and architects in a major open air exhibition in April in Milan. “We are a bank, we invest money – stressed l’CEO Ronzoni – but we do it for a better future.

Our consulting activity is in fact increasingly focused on the selection of financial instruments related to the circular economy”. 

The Globe of Banca Galileo before Christmas will return to the Atelier degli Artisti, in the heart of the Central Station, waiting to make its official debut in spring.