Free to be: Every Christmas is unique and with Zalando we celebrate together in style!

Free of be oneself and to spend the holidays wearing whatever you want.

Not only that, because the Christmas which Zalando celebrated in Milan in one of the coolest locations of the city, l’Apollo Club, also symbolizes the stick together that goes beyond any generation limit. 

Many guests influencer among them Tamu McPherson, Erika Boldrin, Beatrice Valli, Cristina Marino, Cat Poulain, Annalisa Arcando, Greta Menardo, Marco Ferrero, Alessandro Magni, Cleo Toms, Basic Gaia, Manuele Mameli, Valentina Cabassi.

Each of them was accompanied by a loved one, such as their mum or dad, but also their lifelong friends. Yes, because the Holidays are made to find each other and meet even between different generations with only one goal, that of spending some time in the time peaceful together. “Christmas.

Together, in style.” This is the concept of the new Zalando campaign. 

A special evening, to the rhythm of the LadyDillinger band and on the notes of the most famous repertoire pieces of Nina Zilli who performed in a live performance.
To celebrate a unique Christmas, like the way we all celebrate it.