In Warsaw, inside the show of the spring-summer 2020 collection of the European fashion brand C&A

On November 14 last, the fashion giant C&A has organized a memorable fashion show under the historic arches of the Fort Legionów in Warsaw in Poland. During the presentation of the spring-summer 2020 collections to 215 journalists and influencers from 17 countries, the brand C&A revealed the theme of the evening “ Fashion is in our nature “and revealed his vision: make fashion more sustainable .

A few hours before the event, the dressing room lit by warm lights is incredibly quiet. “ Girl number 1, you may begin “says the director of the fashion show, looking through the black frame of his glasses, sipping a steaming cup of tea.

Cut. Can you hold still like that? Okay, go again with the music. ”. Staff members frantically move the models, paint canvas, weave and wrap the greenery around the steel structures in the middle of the catwalk – all while nibbling on some delicious Polish food.

Designers take the latest rehearsal notes for the over 100 looks and assistants work hard to make fast dress changes on the models. All lights are synchronized with the opening track , “ Spaces ” of American singer and songwriter Dawn Richard . “ So many men in power told me I was too brave, too confident, too black, too ugly, too thin. they recite the words.

It was really important for me to open with these words, because we are attentive to diversity… ,” he said to Grace Neale Pickering , senior design manager of C&A for the young line  Clockhouse . I spent sleepless nights trying to figure out how music producers could mix all this. All I know is if something gives me goosebumps, then it’s the right one.

At 5:00 p.m.  the guests have begun to arrive Leaving your coats at the entrance to go to the photo wall and get photographed. Sipping a prosecco with a sprig of rosemary, journalists and influencers they settled in the niches of the fortress, in small groups of 3 or 4 people.

Many admired the brick walls, while others looked for the best angle to take pictures of the beautiful windows that reflected moments of the parade, to post on Instagram. Strangers asked other strangers to take a picture of them. And one more. “ Wait, can we do another one? ”. The guests, on the other hand, were aware that they were participating in one of the most exclusive fashion events on that Thursday night  in Poland and they wanted to document it.

Before the show began, people were invited to explore the collections without haste, one in each different room of the fortress; a sort of walk that led them to the centre of the show in the inner courtyard. It was here that the catwalk decorated as if it were a “ grassland “, brightened up .

The Ladies Collection

The new spring-summer 2020 collection of C&A Ladies highlights the squeeze connection that exists between the natural world and the urban world A symbiosis between vibrant city life and the regenerating power of nature.

Floral prints giving rise to fluid tight waist dresses but also to voluminous silhouettes . In particular, a white dress with balloon sleeves is very well received and raises whispers from those present. As well as “ High-waisted cigarette pants “, made from organic cotton.

Another boss – “ L’rust-colored knitted dress “- you earn the public’s approval thanks to your tailoring bill. The various styles reflect l’ increasing attention to sustainability which C&A is used to create many garments made from certified organic cotton or sustainable fibres.

Inspired by the years ’70 and ’80, the collection includes floral prints, long skirts, lace and ruffles. “he says to Grace Brigitte Danielmeyer ,   purchasing director of the Ladies division . “The lace used comes from recycled polyester. E’ a spectacular femininity with really beautiful fabrics that reflect nature, it is very wearable in an urban context. .”

The Ladies Premium Collection

Tailoring dresses, a   wide range of blazers and suits inspired by the “ power dressing “of the international parades, C&A has brought on his   catwalk a daring and feminine 2020 spring-summer collection. The pink sugared almond jacket and pants suit , by’excellent cut ( and made of the most sustainable fabric) was one of the public’s favourite garments, together with the sand-colored linen trench coat .

Even the blouses with voluminous sleeves they’re really cool and match the long, belted skirt perfectly.


Then came the bikinis and swimsuits some of which products for l’80% with recycled nylon, in a series made   of animal prints and warm colors, like moss green and chocolate. A wide choice of one-shoulder, one-shoulder, cross-dressing swimsuits.   or with a belt, elegantly cut. A guest is visibly left at the mouth   open to the passage of our favorite garment: an incredible one-piece, two-tone, with a deep neckline, high waist and bare back.

The bride

Another important moment of the evening was the Bride of C&A . Elegant cuts and a wide range of sizes for all women, both sizes more than maternity, the line favors lace details. “ Most of the lace is made of cotton. “he says Danielmayer . “ The rest is recycled polyester. The line is feminine and the price range is excellent.


The denim is the basis of this collection inspired by the years ’90 and celebrates the individuality and diversity of the young people that the   they’re wearing. “ White is the big trend coming from the catwalks “he explains Pickering . “ Black and white sell really well and we decided to include in the collection mainly white garments with black accents. “.

For the first time, Pickering   put the female design team of the Clockhouse collection to work on the denim collection   with the male one. The result was a series of denim suits ’90 , jackets and jeans to mix with white clothes . All denim garments are made from recycled cotton, a fabric whose production starts about six, eight months before the show.

On the other hand, the leaders of the female line follow a grunge line . “ Both grunge and work clothes have been an important trend for us in the last six to twelve months. “Pickering continues.

We wanted a really feminine line and so we went ahead with very small flowers, in contrast to work clothes and strong grunge inspiration. “.

The show comes to an end when the lights go down on the urban lawn and the applause resounds loudly and C&A invites each guest to share the #WearTheChange’s vision of sustainability .

Ladies LadiesPremium of C&A   will be available in stores C&A and online from March 2020. The collez i one Clockhouse  is instead available from December 2019.