Rina Lipa is the protagonist of the new REDValentino campaign

REDValentino launches a new photographic project for the presentation of the Spring 2020 collection .

An interesting work by photo art in collaboration with l’ emerging actress Rina Lipa and the photograph Sharna Osborne.

The shoot wants to celebrate an eccentric and very refined youth, with un’ Nineties allure a bit’ nostalgic .

A grunge touch the musical and aesthetic genre that has most influenced the Nineties …colors the vintage beauty shots.

This is a new aesthetic by REDValentino, less conventional and with an unexpected approach and much more rock.

An elegance that does not renounce an almost punk determination, for a result that celebrates a femininity that also welcomes a counterpart”. manlike ”.

But despite the rocking side, the romance remains unchanged. On the contrary: it manages to emerge even more, in an mix of tulle, sequins and black amphibians which makes kaleidoscopic and multifaceted the new REDValentino woman .

The set of the shoot creates an even more nostalgic atmosphere: the theatre of a school.

Here Rina Lipa with models Celina Ralph, Bo Wen and Zoe. express themselves by acting, dancing and playing with unconventional objects.

Rina Lipa is the younger sister of the famous singer Dua Lipa.

A just 18 years old, Rina’s making a name for herself on the big screen and the small screen. And also on the very small one, the smartphone one: Instagram has almost a million followers… also confirming influencer .