Sport Edtn. 01: the Dsquared2 collection for boys and girls

Functionality with a twist sporty glam : is the new sports collection Dsquared2 for boys and girls, which takes up the styles of the past and combines them with contemporary details.  

Suits, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, but also tops, sneakers, swimsuits, hats: cuts and volumes take up the uniforms years ’70 and they’re reminiscent of athletics and gymnastics uniforms. 

I colors are moving away from that period to resume instead the visual codes of the years ’90 in a mix of bold and pop . Black , lemon yellow , electric blue e milky white  are the main nuances of garments and accessories, distinguished by the classical d&apos leaf;maple , signature logo. 

This time, however, the symbol is divided in two and, abandoning tradition, is revised in a more modern and dynamic graphic key, so much so as to become a real fantasy for several items in the collection. 

Funny, irreverent, original, a collection for young active and passionate sportsmen and women, full of characterizing details, such as the inscription Sport Edtn. 01 which, on t-shirts and sweatshirt and trouser profiles, adds a modernist touch.

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Photo and video credits: ACHIM LIPPOTH